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Lisa Middelton.

Founder, Eastern Shore Mortgage Preparation

I am writing this letter to commend the Effective Personal Productivity Course. This course helped me accomplish many goals along with reaching productive working hours. I have learned to delegate properly and prioritize what tasks need to be done within the day. After completing this course, I can say it has helped myself along with other team members to have a smooth and timely day.

Jay Wilmott

Founder, President, Nexutech

“Learning to delegate is an important benefit from the LMI course, resulting in my placing greater faith in my team’s skills. By proper planning and working closely with my associates to set daily and weekly goals. Less instruction and supervision are required during each day. This frees me up to perform important tasks.”

Henry Leonard

Sr. Accountant, BSC Group

“I have learned to make maximum use of my assistant by delegating more of my work, teaching her new tasks, letting her accomplish tasks in her own way, and allowing her to have more input into our daily work. In addition to lessening my workload, this has caused her to be more efficient because of her increased sense of value. I also have developed a clear understanding of what I need to do to accomplish the things I need to do. I am becoming more systematic in my planning.”

Tom Hill

Sr. Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley Voted Top Wealth Manager

"I took the personal productivity time management course with Jon West that changed my life. I went from being very disorganized to very organized. LMI process and the daily planner is simply the way I manage my life.”

Kevin Bernstein

Vice President, LWRC International, LLC

“I have become a better manager. I am more confident in myself, more positive about the future, better organized, and more focused on specific goals than prior to the start of the course. One example of our progress has been a 100% increase in weekly shipments as compared with the same period prior to the start of the course. I believe that my participation in the LMI program has helped contribute to this success.”